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January 11, 2021 Happy Monday! Welcome to a brand new week.

Hello friends.
Well the tree is down and the decor is all tucked away back in the attic. Even though I put the Christmas decor up a week earlier than usual, I didn't want to take it all down! It's ok though. I still have my wintery/snowy things up. I am one of those weirdos who's favorite season is WINTER! Yes you heard that right. It's magical to me.

What's new with the shop? 

*We have our builder bringing in his guys to take a final look at the church building. This church building will be Summit St Shop's brick and mortar location. Oh my decorating ideas are a swirling around like a tornado!
*Summit St Shop has officially become a Riley Blake Designs retailer!! This made me SO excited. As a vintage Fisher Price collector, I have had this company and its Fisher Price fabric on my wish list and I just knew it would have to be in the shop. They have some fantastic fabric lines that I can't wait to create with and share with you all! First order is on its way!
*This week's new product is a Virgin River campfire mug! Did you all watch Virgin River? Ummmmm I binged two season straight through. It was so so cheesy but I loved it. We are down to two mugs left so go check them out here:
What's new with me?
*I signed up for a quilting Block of the Month that begins February 1st! It's the Positive Energy Patchwork Sampler by Sherri Noel @ Rebeccamae Designs. Ten blocks a month for 10 months = 100 blocks in  2021!! Would you like to join me?? Details here:
*Recap of my family if you haven't read the "about us" section of the site: Joe-my husband and best friend of 25 years, been working for Underground Contractors Inc for 21 years; Ezra-23 yrs old, digital media specialist for Thrive Realty in Royal Oak; Leo-21 yrs old, started his own drywall biz; Oscar-19 yrs old; works at Hungry Howies; Abram-17 yrs old, Senior in high school; Daisy-14 yrs old, Freshman in high school!
*Oscar starts training for a new job this week! He will be in the shipping dept for an aftermarket parts place. His first full time job and he's very excited about it. He will still work at Hungry Howies on the weekends. 
*Abram went back to in person school today. He's been in online learning so far. Yeah I took a picture of his "first day of in person school" ... you know for the scrapbook some day. He was a very good sport.
*We got a Peloton bike right before Christmas and let me tell you - if you have been on the fence about getting one- do it! I have drank the Peloton kool-aid and I am so grateful that I did. We are really loving it. I have LOTS of kick A$$ plans for 2021 and my body needs to keep up with my ideas.

Have a great week! 
I believe you are all kinds of amazing!
Love, Jordan

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