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Jan 25th!

Happy Monday! Welcome to a brand new week.
It's an opportunity to start fresh!
What are you grateful for today??
Hello friends.
Today I'm grateful for my husbands health. Joe was diagnosed with MS in 2015 with symptoms of tingling arms and legs. Besides a few isolated incidences since then, he has had no relapses or other problems. He injects daily and has no new lesions. PRAISE THE LORD! We do not take this for granted and we are thankful every single day. Today I am especially thankful when I see the massive wood pile in the basement and back barn. We heat this old farmhouse with a wood stove and Joe's favorite things to do is cut wood in the woods and split it and stack it in his barn. The woods in the winter is seriously his happy place. I am SO thankful he can physically do that!
What's new with the shop?
*THREE different fat quarter bundles are arriving this week!!! Happy Dance!
We have:
-Jen Kingwell's Winkipop
-Corrine Well's Rocky Mountain Wild
-Gerri Robonson's Delightful
*I might even have some little giftie items arriving this week as well! I update my FB/Insta daily so check it out!
What's new with me?
*We finally closed on The Crafty Shack house sale! It was absolutely bittersweet. When I came across the growth chart wall inside one of the closets I lost it. Over. This growth chart was so adorable because even thought I started it, the kids took it over and would mark each others heights. Oscar noticed his height was written down as the year 2000 - but he wasn't born until 2001. LOL! They had all their heights marked throughout the years in addition to some of their friends, a couple stuffed animal's heights (Spongebob & Froggy), and cousins. It was so cute! All but one of the kids got to go through the house one last time. It is very sad to see that chapter close, but that means another one opens and I am very excited about this next chapter!
*Working on organizing my sewing room/office this week. BOOOOO! Luckily the snow is lovely out the windows so that helps tremendously. I am gearing up to start the 10 blocks/month club I am a part of. That starts on Feb 1st and runs through Nov. Check it out:
I will have more details on that in next weeks email!
Read all of my previous emails on the blog page of the website!

Have a great week!
I believe you are all kinds of amazing!
Love, Jordan

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