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Feb 1st - New week & new month!

Happy Monday! Welcome to a brand new week.
It's an opportunity to start fresh!
What are you grateful for today??


Hello friends.
Today I'm grateful for podcasts... and still this snow! I love podcasts. There is a podcast for everything and they are FREE! I have one playing while I'm driving, quilting, cleaning - you know when you want to just listen and learn or get inspired. My personal favorites right now are Cathy Heller's "Don't quit your dayjob," Jenna Kutcher's "Goal digger," John Lee Dumas "Entrepreneurs on fire"... can you tell I love the business ones best? There are tons of others too! There are podcasts for Peloton, quilting, meditation, Religious, sports, seriously there's everything!

What's new with the shop?
* TODAY begins the Rebecca Mae Designs - Positive Energy quilt along! This runs through 2021 AND..... Summit St Shop is a SPONSOR!!! I am so excited to be part of it. There will be 10 blocks a month with full instructions, video, a sharing community, and PRIZES! Join me and the group! It will be SEW much fun :)
*I added a new tab to the site that will have items available for preorder/customization! This allows us to have the most variety and newest pieces! The hometown line is rocking my world. Add any town, state and established date/zip code to a t-shirt, mug or pillow case for FREE! The sunflowers!!! Gosh I just love them. The pieces in this tab are limited edition so they will come and go. Check them out here!
*Virgin River mugs are back AND t-shirts as well! I also added Bridgerton & Golden Girls!! 
What's new with me?
*My two high schoolers had a "snow day" today - although that actually means a "virtual only" day. They have settled into the routine of doing all their school work in about a half a day and the rest of the week is open. Work smarter not harder, right? :) 
*Still waiting to see if we will have a basketball season here in Michigan. Regardless of the outcome, we will still be grateful that everyone here is healthy. 
*Honestly there's not much else going on. So kind of boring news. I can't believe it's almost been a year that we've had almost nothing on the family calendar compared to 3 and sometimes 4 things a day. It's really been an adjustment for me especially after I quit my full time job in October. Time goes faster then ever before though! So weird. Welllll I should be working on taxes, but who wants to do that? LOL!
Read all of my previous emails on the blog page of the website!

Have a great week!
I believe you are all kinds of amazing!
Love, Jordan

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